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Starch blocker diet book

The secret behind the starch blocker diet book is a natural, non-prescription partial protein derived from white kidney beans.

In the starch blocker diet book, the authors, Steven Rosenblatt and Cameron Stauth, explain how when eaten before meals, this partial protein binds with the enzyme that digests starch, so that most starch passes through your body without releasing any calories.

According to the starch blocker diet book, up to 1/3 of the calories you eat can be instantly, safely neutralized. Indeed, they actively encourage you to eat carbohydrates in order to maximize the starch blockers' neutralizing effect.

They combine this with exercises designed to burn body fat, proposing that when carbohydrates are neutralized, your body will burn fat faster. There are three steps to the programme:

  • Step 1: Redistributing Calories: Here you'll actually eat more carbohydrates!
  • Step 2: Taking Emotional Control: Starch blockers help you regain power over food by stopping cravings
  • Step 3: Burning Body Fat with Exercise: Starch blockers supercharge exercise.
They promise that you will lose weight without feeling hungry on their richly satisfying diet.

Included you'll find plans to individualize the program to fit your personal caloric and lifestyle requirements, plus sample menus, and more than 100 delicious, high-starch recipes.