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South beach diet book information

One of the most popular plans on the market, the South Beach Diet book has helped millions of people worldwide to lose weight.

The South Beach diet book, written by Arthur Agatston, teaches participants to choose the right carbohydrates and fats in order to improve their eating habits.

There is now a range of South Beach diet books available - in addition to the original, there is a range of cookbooks including:

  • Original cookbook
  • Quick and easy cookbook
  • Taste of summer cookbook
  • Parties and holidays cookbook
Following this plan will require a certain degree of determination and self control, but it is a healthy plan that emphasizes eating lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein.

A key part of the plan is eliminating simple carbohydrates, which cause a sharp rise in blood sugars, and replacing them with better choices.

Encouragingly, this plan encourages healthy eating, with all major food groups included in the plans. Indeed, many participants not only lose weight, but also lower their cholesterol levels and reduce their risk of heart disease and diabetes

If you are looking for an established weight loss plan that encourages healthy eating, then check out what this plan has to offer.