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Slim fast diet book to improve health

Not simply a weight loss plan, the Slim-fast diet book offers a complete Body, Mind, and Life Makeover.

Written by Lauren Hutton, the Slim-fast diet book promises to help you lose weight, keep it off, and get healthy - who wouldn't want all of that?

Features of the Slim-fast diet book include:

  • A 14 day starter plan
  • A daily planner
  • An exercise guide
  • Tips on entertaining
  • 75 easy and delicious recipes
  • Before and after success stories
So does it work? It certainly has several positive features you should look for in any weight loss plan, such as detailed daily plans and recipes - too many weight loss programs are big on theory but short on the details you need to actually make them work.

The fact that it also promotes exercise is also positive. Research shows that while what you eat is the key factor in losing weight, regular exercise plays a key role in keeping the weight off and avoiding the yo-yo syndrome of regular weight loss and weight gain.

If you're looking for a plan that covers all the bases, check out what this one has to offer.