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Can reading diet books and slimming magazines really help you lose weight? You may have noticed there are more and more journals, magazines and books released every year - all offering the promise of miracle diet and exercise solutions (see our previous pages for more info).

Our guide can help you decide which ones to invest in.

Diet books can help you with weight loss in many ways: reading about how food is digested and burned by your body can really help you to understand your own biology. All right, so knowing exactly what effect that bar of chocolate is going to have on your blood sugar levels and your body's fat reserves might not stop you taking a bite? but it might stop you eating all of it. And it's not only information that's useful. Reading an inspiring publication can also give you huge amounts of motivation too.

Read true-life success stories from people who've triumphed over their own weight problems, and get hold of their dieting secrets, from daily meal plans to tips on how to resist comfort eating. Alternatively, you can also benefit from taking on board advice and wisdom direct from a well-known expert.

There are plenty of guides on the shelves about exercise too. Reading up on fitness and how to burn off those excess calories is the other half of the weight loss equation. Find out more about how to fit enough time for exercise into your busy day, how to exercise safely at home, or how to measure your own progress. What's more, you can also read up on a whole range of different sports and fitness activities to find out which one is right for you.