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Weight loss surgery books

If you are contemplating weight loss surgery, then it pays to read up on the subject first.

Weight loss surgery is a serious issue, typically a last resort for those who have found all other slimming routes ineffective. Fortunately, there are a number of good books available on weight loss surgery, allowing you to get all the facts before you make such a major decision.

The choice of books is simply fantastic - there are technical tomes for those who want the scientific facts, or alternatively you can get the simplified version in Weight Loss Surgery For Dummies.

In addition to books that provide the basic facts, there are others that give you the lowdown on what to expect before and after the operation - preparing properly and being ready for what happens afterwards will greatly increase the chances of success.

Recipes are an essential part of any diet, and this is no exception - a book of recipes will ensure that you eat right after your operation, increasing the chances of a positive outcome. And finally, there are a number of volumes dealing with specific techniques - for example Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding - so you can get all the details of each different technique.