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Sports nutrition in your workout routine

If you workout regularly, then a basic knowledge of sports nutrition is essential. Learning about sports nutrition will enable you to eat in a way that complements your workouts, which means that you will be able to maximize the benefits of each and every workout.

Conversely, those who don't know about sports nutrition often undermine their efforts in the gym or on the field - how often have you seen people who are 'fit but fat'? The usual cause is poor diet, which means that even though they work out regularly they never seem to lose any weight.

One of the quickest ways to learn about this subject nutrition is through the great range of books on the market. There are loads of general texts to get you started, or else you can choose something more specific - for example there are books written for vegetarian athletes, for endurance athletes, for health and performance, for cyclists - the choices are almost endless.

So the choice is simple. Either you can keep on eating poorly and undermining your workout efforts, or you can learn how to eat right and get the most form each and every workout.