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Weight gain information & advice

Whether you are seeking or avoiding weight gain, there are plenty of good books available to help you do so safely.

It's an irony that while for many weight gain is a nightmare scenario to be avoided, for others it is a goal to be aspired to. People target weight gain for a variety of reasons - for body builders and many athletes, adding muscle will improve their performance and provide a more pleasing appearance.

For others, particularly those who are very skinny, weight gain is all about achieving an appearance that they are more comfortable with. And finally, there are those for whom it is important for health reasons - we are all familiar with the perils of obesity, but being too skinny can also have negative health implications, particularly for the elderly.

Of course, if your goal is to add some pounds, it must be done right - simply getting fat is not a positive outcome. There are numerous books on the market that explain how to add pounds in a safe and healthy manner, so getting this information has never been easier.

Whatever your reasons, it will pay to get the best information available to help you successfully change your body composition.