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Slimming exercise to lose weight

There's no doubt that slimming exercise can help you lose weight. For many people, adding some workouts to their dieting can make their weight loss far more effective.

The advantage of slimming exercises is that they allow you to attack weight loss from two sides - not only are you reducing the calories you take in (dieting) you are also increasing the calories you burn on a daily basis.

The other great thing about slimming exercises, particularly if you choose the right workouts, is the effect it can have upon your metabolism. Your metabolism is the rate at which you burn calories, so obviously if you can increase that, it will help your weight loss.

The best workouts for upping the metabolism are intervals (alternating faster and slower sessions of cardio) and weight training. Both of these have been shown to increase the metabolism, not only in the short term, but also for several hours after the workout- so you're still burning more calories when you watch TV later that day!

Books in this section will show you how combining a good diet with regular workouts will help you to lose weight - it's the most effective way to ditch those extra pounds, and well worth the effort.