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So many dieting books are filled with claims that theirs is the only plan that works, it can be hard to know who to believe.

Reading reviews of dieting books by nutrition experts or by fellow dieters who've tried them out for themselves can help separate truth from fiction

Dieting books A-C

Look inside Dieting Books A-C and the chances are you'll find something you like - whether it's Atkins' low carb approach, or the tempting sounding Chocolate diet.

Dieting books D-H

Take a look inside Dieting books D-H and you'll find some great choices - everything from Diet Doctors to the GI plan - what more could you want?

>> Dieting books A-C
Dieting books I-P

From "Idiot Proof" to "Metabolic", Dieting Books I-P has the selection of plans you need if you are serious about tackling weight loss.

Dieting books Q-Z

Inside Dieting Books Q-Z you'll find some of the most effective diet plans on the market (Scarsdale, South Beach), plus some newer choices you might not have heard of (Thyroid, Waterfall). Check them out!

>> Dieting books I-P

Here are some general tips to help you work out which dieting books are worth reading:

  • Rationale

    What is the publication's rationale? In other words, why do their claim their diet works where others have failed? And how do they back it up with evidence? Unless the author has tested their diet against a control diet to ensure their diet enables people to lose more weight, and to keep it off, their rationale may be little more than hearsay.

  • Detail

    Look for specifics in the publication you're considering buying. For example, does it list precise serving sizes? If not, it could be hard to follow. What's more, without solid practical information to back up a theory, there's no way of applying it to your own lifestyle.

  • Testimonials

    Many publications base their claims for success on the testimony of dieters who've lost weight through following their programme. There are several things to bear in mind when reading testimonials. They are not scientifically accurate, because they don't take into account other contributing factors, such as strenuous exercise. The other thing to bear in mind is that no two people are alike: because a diet worked for someone else, doesn't necessarily mean it's the best diet for you. You may have a different body type, you may be a different age, you may live in a different climate - and all these things contribute to how fast your metabolism works, and how much of your food your body stores as fat.