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Diet foods information

Looking for books on Diet Food? We can help you. There are hundreds of choices out there, so by filtering out the best of them we can save you a lot of time.

Diet Food can mean different things to different people. A few years ago it was all about cutting out fat, but recent trends have seen a shift of focus to low carb eating plans, with an increase in protein and fat - whoever would have thought bacon or cream would be considered Diet Foods?

Of course there are still many 'traditional' weight loss plans out there, from cabbage soup to grapefruit, so it's worth checking out all the options before you load up the fridge with butter, cheese and red meat!

Books can be a great source of information. Whether your goal is weight loss, or simply healthier eating, you'll find books packed with useful information, including analysis of food (calories, fat, vitamins etc), meal plans, and of course recipes.

So if you are looking for some help to improve your eating, or struggling with your attempts at slimming, check out these books to see how they can help you.