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The Diet Doctor weight loss plan

Wendy Denning and Vicki Edgson, TV's Diet Doctors, have made a career out of dispensing good advice on healthy eating. The Diet Doctors don't just focus on weight loss, but advise a total body makeover to get you back to optimum health.

Diet Doctors are nutritionist Wendy Denning and MD Vicki Edgson, so they are able to not only analyze what you eat, but also have a deeper understanding of how the food you eat will affect your body.

Their approach includes sections on self-diagnosis, food guides, and of course weight loss. But the information goes way beyond that. They will tell you how by looking at your tongue, fingernails and so on, you can assess your current health, and then offer advice on which foods to eat, and of course which to avoid.

Unlike a simple weight loss program, an approach such as this allows you to develop a new relationship with food, understanding how it affects not only your weight, but also your health, moods, emotions etc.

What this means is that rather than a quick weight loss plan, you get a long term approach that could have you looking and feeling better than ever.