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Child nutrition information

It seems that Child Nutrition has never been such a hot topic. Whether it's because of concerns about additives, or new figures about obesity in young people, Child Nutrition is never far from the headlines.

From Jamie Oliver to the government, there always seem to be people offering advice on how to feed your kids - but how do you know which information to follow?

One of the best places to start is by buying a book on Child Nutrition. There's plenty on the market, some offering overall advice, others with more specific remits, including:

  • How to feed picky eaters
  • Advice on how improved eating can help your kids at school
  • Optimum eating for young athletes
So what will you get in books such as these? Typically there will be an overall explanation of good eating - foods to avoid, good choices etc - plus recipes and eating plans to make it easy for you to put together a healthier diet for your kids.

There are dozens of titles to choose from, so if you have kids you owe it to yourself to check out what's available. Whether you have a specific aim, or simply want your kids to eat better, you'll find something to help you.