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Diet Authors

What makes diet authors authoritative? Do all diet authors need to be scientifically qualified, or is personal experience more valid?

That depends entirely on what works best for you; if you find a dry objective tone off-putting, you might prefer diet authors with a more individual style.

But if you want to know the full background and evidence behind a weight loss programme, then a book by an expert nutritionist may suit you better.

Diet authors A-C

In diet authors A - C you'll find a selection of best selling writers (everyone from Robert Atkins to Rosemary Conley), offering the advice you need to help you lose weight.

Diet authors D-H

Inside Diet Authors D-H you'll find some of the biggest names in the business, from Marjorie Daniels to Rick Gallop - check them out!

>> Diet authors A-C
Diet authors I-P

Paul McKenna and Bill Phillips are just two of the big names in Diet Authors I-P - check it out and see what else you can find.

Diet authors Q-Z

In Diet Authors Q-Z you'll find big names like Karen Vago & Lucy Degremont, offering the advice and information you need to help you lose weight.

>> Diet authors I-P