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Diet authors I - P

Take a look inside Diet Authors I-P, you'll find some big names in the weight loss field. Diet Authors I-P includes best sellers like Judy Mazel and Gillian McKeith, with a variety of books to suit all tastes.

Slimming books can provide both information and inspiration, exactly what you need to help you fight through the jungle of misinformation and contradictory advice that surrounds this issue. With one of these experts as your guide, the process can seem a whole lot easier.

Judy Mazel
Author of the best-selling Beverly Hills diet, Judy Mazel shows you how to use food combining to lose weight.

>> Judy Mazel
Gillian McKeith
Author and TV presenter Gillian McKeith has found success with her gospel "You Are What You Eat".

>> Gillian McKeith
Diet books i-p 1
Diet books i-p 2 Paul McKenna
Britain's most famous hypnotist, Paul McKenna applies his life changing skills to help people lose weight.

>> Paul McKenna
Bill Phillips
With his Body For Life program, Bill Phillips shows how you can use intense weight training to encourage weight loss.

>> Bill Phillips