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GI - Glycemic Index

If you are looking for information on Glycemic Index or the GI value of foods make sure you first have a look at our Glycemic Index page.

If you have already had a look but would like further information on the Glycemic Index then our recommended GI book section should have the information you need.

Use the links to find out further details about the Glycemic Index books available.

The New Glucose Revolution Complete Guide to Glycemic Index Values

GI Index ValuesAuthor: Jennie Brand-Miller, Kaye Foster-Powell
(Paperback, 1 September, 2003 Publisher: Marlowe & Co)

Weight Loss For Good Rating : (3/3)

The complete guide to Glycemic Index values.

The G-index Diet: The Missing Link That Makes Permanent Weight Loss Possible

G-Index DietAuthor: Richard N. Podell
(Paperback, 1 March, 1994
Publisher: Warner Books)

Weight Loss For Good Rating : (3/3)

Argues that certain foods trigger hunger in dieters, suggests a low-fat diet that avoids these foods, and includes recipes and menus.

The Glucose Revolution: Pocket Guide to the Top 100 Low Glycemic Foods (Glucose Revolution Pocket Guides)

Glycemic Index FoodsAuthor: Richard N. Podell
(Paperback, 1 March, 2000
Publisher:Marlowe & Company)

Weight Loss For Good Rating : (2/3)

The GI Index offers helpful alternatives to foods which are 'off limits' and has been proven to help keep sugar levels down. Definately worth a try ... for diabetes and general good health.

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